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About The Collective

Originally published on November 29, 2010, updated February 2013.

You might remember my first blog post. Just for the record, Bubba and I are still in over our heads and we still wonder how we got here. The only difference between where we stand now and where we were when we started is the view. Bubba and I can barely remember the days when we weren’t involved in food projects, networking with local farmers and suppliers learning new ways to grow, prepare and preserve the local harvest. This certainly isn’t without the help and support of family and friends, mentors and people who think we are just plain crazy but humor us with their advice/knowledge.

Friends of ours like to joke that we should start a commune, given that as a group we can make, supply or grow almost all of our daily needs. One of us can’t do everything but the group of us working together presents a pretty powerful machine. The goal is to bring suppliers and the end users closer together so that they can learn from one another about the ways to use products and services and close the gap on bringing food from the farm to your daily table. Bubba and I call this effort, The Collective. It consists of chefs, butchers, farmers, CSAs, consumers, hobbyists, learners, educators, gardeners and more. Its an attempt to build a sustainable model, where the whole is made up of parts that contribute for the success of everyone in the community. Yes, its kind of like a commune. No, we will not be circling a bunch of trailers in the forest, going barefoot and giving ourselves new names that incorporate natural elements. We will be attempting to provide opportunities for people to share with one another, products or services that they have to offer or knowledge about creating and growing, even raising things that we need to provide for our families. It’s communal efforts for food and drink.

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  1. December 17, 2011

    Hi! Thank for your card… love them!
    Hope to see you soon.

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